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2017 Heart of Texas “Great Hill Country Driving Tour” by Greg Wrobleske

Corvair Houston is excited to be hosting this year’s 21st “Heart of Texas” event. It is hard to believe that this is the 20th year for this great event! I never dreamed that I would be involved with this for so many years. Whether this is your first H.O.T. or you been to all twenty-one events I’m sure you will have a “vairy” wonderful time.

Corvair Houston used the Y.O. Ranch Hotel venue back in 2005.  What was so notable about this H.O.T. event was the Hotel and the rally which we have recreated for you. First a little about the Y.O. Ranch Hotel. Is located in the heart of peaceful Texas Hill Country in the city of Kerrville. The authentic décor of the main lobby provides your first taste of the 1880s. Within the soaring native stone walls lies an impressive collection of fine antiques gathered from ranches and small towns throughout the West. The massive lobby is a showcase of wildlife animal trophies, five nine-foot wide grand chandeliers and a huge stone fireplace. You can kick up your heels in Elm Waterhole Saloon where you can take you back in time to 1880s 30-foot antique mahogany bar. The Y.O. Ranch Hotel will be where all the events will be held with the exception of the drive.

Our focus this year will be on “The Great Hill Country Driving Tour” so the agenda will be quite different this year. Registration will open at 11 am in the Guadalupe Room on Friday, April 21st.  The Car Show will be held at the Y.O. Resort in the back parking lot starting at 3 pm. You may dine at the hotel that evening or at one of the local restaurants. Our goal is for you to relax after your drive with your fellow Corvair family. We will kick tires, eat and have a welcome party to get things going!

Saturday is reserved for “The Great Hill Country Driving Tour”. We are going to give you five hours for a three hour route. The views and scenery that you will experience will be like no other in Texas. I promise you, don’t miss this! We want you to take it all in. We have arranged a “Food Truck” lunch stop during your drive. Eating locations are very limited so be sure you register for lunch. After the drive we have a Tech Talk between 5 and 6 pm presented by American Flat 6 Performance.

Now if you haven’t registered for your hotel room you have until March 15. I strongly advise you not to wait. Do it now! Registration fees do increase from $35 to $50 after this date. Rooms are $109.00 per night and includes a wonderful hot breakfast. Call 877-967-3767 to reserve under “Corvair” group. Car trailer parking will be available. You may elect to arrive on Thursday, April 20 and give you more time to tour James Avery, Fredericksburg and Willow City Loop. So get those Corvair’s ready! We can’t wait to see you!


Greg Wrobleske

2017 HOT Chairperson

Corvair Houston     

2017 HOT Agenda

2017 HOT Registration

Corvair Houston

Corvair Houston was organized in 1974 and incorporated in 1983. As a chapter of the national Corvair Society of America (CORSA) it is dedicated to preserving the Corvair for future generations. The Club conducts regular monthly meetings and also sponsors or participates in other activities through the year; local and national car shows, picnics and barbecues, races and museum events, and road trips to locations in and around Texas. We offer information about Corvair parts, restoration, maintenance and repairs. Our meetings are usually held on the third Friday of each month and are always preceded by an informal gathering in the parking lot. After the meeting a group often heads for a local eatery for sandwiches and conversation. Annual dues are $25 per family, $20 if you are a member of CORSA. A monthly newsletter publishes information about recent and upcoming events, cars and parts for sale, and Corvair related news. Note that Corvair ownership is not required for membership to Corvair Houston - merely an appreciation for a unique footnote to automotive history.

Club History: Then and Now

by Guy Bobkoff

In the context of the times, 1974 saw many Corvairs on the streets, for sale on car lots all over the area, and parts that could be bought at your local Chevrolet dealer.

So it was not an unusual effort to organize a group of Corvair enthusiasts. The result was a wonderful mixed bag of personalities from all lifestyles, careers, locations, etc. All brought their own enthusiasm in preserving, driving, racing, sharing stories, and noting the differences in their own cars.

In early 1975 the first Corvair newsletter, The Spyder, was offered. It was clearly a class offering and became the handout and introduction to 100's of future members.

There is no doubt, the stage was set for a club that had the name of a car in its title, and a soul in its membership. Every effort included members, their spouses and children. Meetings were a joyful laugh-filled event that certainly included Corvairs, but first and foremost valued it members.

Corvair Houston had a very high profile in the local area, turning out for car shows, charity events, parades, racing events and just driving our Corvairs. It was a joyful time, filled with enthusiasm for new found friends, and the purpose of enjoying our unique automobiles.

It is interesting too, that no one was sensing that our cars would ever be relegated to antique status

How could we know that time, technology, and a quarter of a century would have us looking back to those days of Corvairs in every driveway, parts at every dealership and, for us in Texas, R-12 becoming illegal?

So here we are, after 39 years of Corvairing, and all of today's members are reaping the rewards of the solid beginnings.

Look around at Corvair Houston meetings. You'll see the same enthusiasm, friendly faces, helpful ideas, and great humor.

Well, I'll be damned, we haven't changed...

Guy Bobkoff
Corvair Houston Historian